Why Your Business Needs A Network Assessment

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Technology is continually changing the way we live and do business. Any company’s IT infrastructure is critical to finding success as a business owner and leader. 

However, there are many threats businesses need to be aware of to protect their technological assets. These include issues such as downtime, outages, and cyber attacks. It’s important to take the time to evaluate how efficient and secure your systems are so you can succeed and avoid unwanted misfortunes.

One of the best ways to identify vulnerabilities and find the best solutions for them is to conduct regular network assessments. Learn more about what a network assessment is, the benefits of getting one, and why it’s important for any business.

What Is a Network Assessment?

A network assessment is a comprehensive analysis of your current IT infrastructure performed by your IT provider. The report and results provide you with an in-depth understanding of your existing environment and recommend improvements such as network consolidation, simplification, or automation. 

You can make more informed and strategic business decisions when you understand the current state of your network and opportunities for improvement. Regular assessments help you make continual improvements to your network to maintain a competitive advantage when it comes to your technology.

Benefits of a Risk Assessment for Your Business

A network assessment offers a host of benefits, both immediate and long-term. Here are some of the main advantages of a network assessment:

Understand Your Risk 

A network assessment will uncover behaviors and interactions that may be threatening or attacking your systems. It’ll empower you to create a proactive and preventative security strategy that will protect against global threats and end-user vulnerabilities.

Maintain Compliance

Many businesses have compliance standards they must adhere to. A network assessment can simplify compliance reporting expose weaknesses in your current operating system and help you pinpoint areas for improvement. This is a great advantage for helping you avoid non-compliance fees and consequences.

Phase Out Old Equipment and Programs

The results of a network assessment can give you a clear picture of what’s being used and what’s not in terms of equipment, hardware, and software. With those results, your team can improve the survivability of optimal systems and phase out what’s no longer working or serving you.

Save Money

There are also serious cost savings that are made possible after a network assessment. A network assessment can save your business money by reducing inefficiencies that lead to downtime, which can cost businesses thousands of dollars per minute

Update Your Infrastructure

Once an assessment is complete, it opens the door to the possibility of designing a new network architecture that includes cloud computing and other advanced AI solutions. Updates help you stay ahead of the technological curve and improve efficiency on a regular basis.

Better Present Data

You can also use a network assessment as leverage with the C-suite at your company. You can persuade them to sign off on impactful upgrades that will help you run a better business. The analytical data you gather will show details about how technical features will directly improve operations, support business goals, and alleviate specific pain points.

When to Get a Network Assessment

You may want to consider getting an assessment of your network before a large roll-out that’s expected to change the environment of your network structure. Moving to the cloud or changing to a VoIP phone system are a few examples of when it might be a good time. 

Another good time to get a network assessment is alongside your efforts to update compliance. It’ll help you to know and realize where you need to make improvements and enhance security so as to stay on top of necessary regulations.

If you have an aging technology infrastructure, this is also a wise time to look at following through with a network assessment. Equipment may be nearing the end-of-life phase, and you might be looking for new solutions to implement.

In addition to these examples, any time you are unsure of what’s going on in your network is the time to have an assessment performed. It’s a decision you won’t regret, and that will only help to advance and improve your business in the long run.

What Now?

A network assessment will move you from making assumptions and playing guessing games to identifying concrete opportunities for enhancement. The report is valuable data you can use to improve your business and your IT infrastructure. It’ll give you the competitive edge you need to stay relevant and help you meet and exceed your goals. 

If you’re making changes to your infrastructure, working to become compliant in your industry, or just aren’t sure what threats face your IT, get a network assessment today by contacting our experts at Fresh Managed IT. We will help you get the clarity you need to make informative decisions regarding your valuable technology assets.