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Fresh Managed IT isn’t just another company offering IT support to Mobile businesses. We go the extra mile to deliver our customers a fabulous IT service they’ll want to use again and again.

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Mobile is the third-largest city in Alabama and home to a large number of companies requiring IT support. More than 190,000 live within the city limits, with thousands more in the counties beyond, making this an important center for innovation in the region.

Fresh Managed IT offers businesses in the Mobile community a host of critical IT services to keep operations running smoothly and efficiently, helping them make the most of opportunities in their market. As a partner, we remove the worry of running a business network, helping to free up time and allow companies to focus on their core missions.

Customer IT Support

If something goes wrong with your network, you need people who can help you resolve the problem immediately. We assist Mobile businesses with troubleshooting, app migration, infrastructure maintenance, technical challenges, and everything in between.

Fresh Managed assigns qualified engineers to your case who assist you in resolving issues as quickly as possible. Our desktop support services let you streamline your IT operations, maintain network security, and ensure cloud accessibility. Working with us assures that you can always find the experts you need to fix problems and get your operations back on track, without the typical headache or hassle.

Hosted Servers

Our hosted servers provide you with tools to scale your Mobile business while only paying for the electronic resources that you need. Whether your company is large or small, partnering with us provides you with the flexibility you need to maximize your workloads and handle any traffic surges with ease.

We know that businesses in Mobile can struggle to manage their servers and ensure that their uptimes remain acceptable. Our IT services allow you to avoid all of these issues by taking over the process of running a server for you. Since everything is in the cloud, you can expect increased security and protection for your priceless business data.

VoIP Phone

With us, Mobile businesses can set up VoIP phone systems to improve the efficiency of their telephone calling communications. We use cloud-based VoIP phone software to digitize your calls which offers a host of advantages including crystal-clear call quality, security, flexibility, and better call management for enterprises with volume considerations.

Why Choose Fresh Managed IT In Mobile, AL?

Fresh Managed IT isn’t just another company offering IT support to Mobile businesses. We go the extra mile to deliver our customers a fabulous service they’ll want to use again and again. Here’s what we do differently:

  • We focus on customer service: We believe that excellence in customer service should be at the center of any IT support service. That’s why you’ll always be able to get through to one of our trained advisors if you have a problem. ‍
  • We hire experienced professionals: Members on our Mobile team have the broad range of skills you need to maintain your network, avoiding the need to hire in-house. ‍
  • We work with the latest technologies: The business world is continually evolving and so too are the underlying technologies. We ensure your enterprise remains ahead of the curve and your competition.


Problems we solve

"My IT provider is slow and unresponsive"

"I honestly don’t know what my IT provider is doing for me"

"Our network is constantly going down"

"We’ve outgrown our current IT provider"

"We always seem to have IT problems"

"We don’t have a cybersecurity plan"

"My IT guy is leaving"

Do any of these describe you?
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