What Is an MSP?

Young IT professional woman working at help desk

If you’re looking for a way to streamline your Alabama business’s IT systems and ensure constant monitoring and immediate intervention, look no further than a managed services provider, or MSP.

What Is a Managed Services Provider?

In the world of IT, a managed services provider is a company that manages a business’s IT systems, networks, and assets. MSPs provide a wide range of IT services, from monitoring a company’s IT network to being responsible for all repairs, updates, patches, new software, hardware, cloud services, infrastructure, and staff resources.

What services are included in a company’s MSP agreement depend on their unique needs and goals. They are fully-customizable and typically offered at a flat, per-month fee.

Benefits of Working With an MSP

There are a number of benefits associated with an MSP agreement, including:

Proactive Monitoring and Instant Response to Issues

Working with a managed services provider is totally different than working solely with a dedicated on-site team or paying an IT company by the hour for sporadic assistance. Those IT models are flawed because, as we all know, IT issues and disasters can pop up at any second. 

When you partner with an MSP, you are ensuring that your company doesn’t run into easily avoidable mistakes and issues that can cost thousands of dollars because the MSP is constantly monitoring and reacting to any issues with your network as they arise. There is no waiting around for a problem to happen and then fixing it with an MSP.

Valuable Partnership

The relationship you have with your MSP is vital to keeping your company up-to-date with software changes, updates, and trends, to keep your operations running as smoothly and effectively as possible. In addition, this partnership allows companies to lean on their MSP’s expertise to better strategize how to most effectively use IT to meet their business goals.

IT Operations That Are More Efficient, Reliable and Scalable 

With an expert staff and professional technological infrastructure, working with a trusted MSP can drastically enhance the efficiency of your company’s operations. An MSP can provide your organization with a wide range of scalable IT options to meet all of your growth-related needs. 

In a nutshell, a proven MSP will recommend and implement specific IT services that your organization needs both currently and in the future. MSPs are also there for you with around-the-clock help desk services to improve your organization’s IT operations’ reliability. 

Your employees will notice a significant improvement in IT ticket resolution compared to waiting (and waiting) for help from overloaded in-house tech resources.

Performance Monitoring to Keep Your Business Running Uninterrupted 

Another important benefit of working with an MSP is something known as performance monitoring. Through the use of high-end firewalls, intrusion detection, content filtering, and more, an MSP will proactively monitor and manage your IT network’s performance. 

That way, the MSP will know instantly when your IT performance isn’t working as it should or will become impacted in the near future with detrimental results. For example, your MSP will instantly know when your internet is operating slowly and take the required steps to get it back up and running before your employees or customers can even notice.

Partner with an MSP today to help you save money, free up resources, and thwart cyberattacks.