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Fresh Managed IT provides reliable, friendly, expert services for all your IT needs in Birmingham, Alabama. We have a variety of solutions for your company, and we’d love to create a partnership with you.

Our Services

Our services are available 24/7/365. No matter your IT needs or level of expertise, Fresh Managed IT can help you. Here are some of the key services we offer:

  • Managed Network Services: We provide intrusion detection, malware protection, content filtering, and everything else your network needs to remain healthy, functional, and efficient.
  • Telecommunications: Integrating Cloud-based communication systems such as VoIP phone systems can help you cut costs and increase capabilities.
  • Hosted Servers: Our private Cloud servers help you keep your data safe, backed up, and accessible from any location.
  • Round-the-Clock Helpdesk: We’re here to answer your call, in person, whenever you face IT troubles.

Managed Server & Desktop Support

Our managed network services allow you to have more than just a one-off fix from an uninterested IT company. Instead, you get constant partnership and management on all servers, devices, and platforms. It’s like having an experienced team of IT technicians with you, all day every day.

Some of the benefits included with managed support are:

  • Security. Monitored service provides ultra-secure firewalls, detects intrusions on your software, and automatically monitors your systems for any cyber threats. This way, you never have to worry about compromised data security.
  • Constant support. Our service is available 24/7/365, meaning you are never left without protection and expertise when you need it most.
  • Filtering. Our managed support service automatically filters content so you don’t get backed up or slowed down with what you don’t need, without missing the important details.

End-User Support

At Fresh Managed IT, there’s a 24/7/365 help desk to provide complete guidance for you. We know the stress that comes with a seemingly unfixable IT problem, but with industry-leading experts, we can find a sustainable solution for any issue.

Our helpdesk is made up of dedicated IT lovers who have a knack for speedy problem-solving. There is no issue too big or small; you and your questions are always welcome.

Second-to-None Customer Service

There’s nothing worse than having a stressful IT problem and reaching a “help” desk full of sullen, rude employees. When you partner with Fresh Managed IT, you won’t ever have to face that again.

We know how important it is to have a friendly voice on the phone, and a quick, polite email with an answer to your query. With plenty of knowledge and sweet Alabama charm, you’ll never experience better customer service.

Personalized Client Solutions

As a client of Fresh Managed IT, you will never feel overlooked or unwelcome. Personalized services mean that your problems will never be overlooked, and you won’t just get an out-of-the-box solution; we’ll work to understand your business’s goals and help you achieve them through high-quality IT solutions.

Work with Alabama IT Experts

When you work with Fresh Managed IT, you get the promise of IT solutions that work from veteran technologists, programmers, and telecommunication specialists. ‍

Our team members have been helping businesses grow by leveraging their technology for decades, and we want to help your business do the same. ‍

Contact us today to get exceptional, personalized network care that will boost your business.


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