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At Fresh Managed IT, we know that efficient IT support can make or break a business, and medical providers in Alabama need IT care that goes above and beyond the norm.

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Complex technologies have become a common part of everyday life in the healthcare sector. Fresh Managed IT makes such life-saving and process-simplifying technologies simple to use and easy to implement at all levels for Alabama hospitals and medical offices.


Why Expert IT Services Matter for Medical Providers 

Managed IT Services in the healthcare field is even more essential and complicated than in other sectors due to the extremely time-sensitive work you do and the protected information you rely on.

With so much depending on your Alabama organization’s ability to store and access essential patient information, you need an expert in managed IT services to keep data accessible and systems functioning. Here are some of the reasons why medical offices in Alabama rely so heavily on a well-functioning IT system:

  • Modern Cybersecurity Solutions: ‍

    Healthcare businesses can see anywhere from dozens to thousands of patients a day, and each patient trusts you with their personal information. Safeguarding that information is vital, but it’s getting increasingly harder as cyber attacks against healthcare organizations increase. ‍

    Healthcare is one of the most-targeted sectors when it comes to ransomware attacks, and other attacks like phishing, and DDoS also pose threats to your business. Without proper cybersecurity, the confidential data you are trusted with may fall into malicious hands.

    Cyber attacks are rapidly evolving, so you need a local provider that will be proactive in detecting threats and preventing them from affecting your business. ‍

  • Hassle-Free HIPAA Compliance:

    The way you handle a patient’s information can make or break a business relationship. It’s vital that your Alabama hospital or medical office use excellent IT services to manage patient profiles, protect privacy, and operate efficiently. ‍

    Healthcare organizations, along with any other companies handling protected health information, are required by law to be HIPAA compliant. A failure to reach compliance can lead to heavy fines and reputational damage, especially if a data breach occurs due to the lack of security measures and compliance. ‍

    We’re experts in all things HIPAA, helping make your path to compliance as hassle-free and smooth as possible. ‍

  • Daily Processes and Routine Functions:

    Healthcare businesses that fail to implement solid IT structures find disruptions to daily operations inevitable. Medical offices rely on complex, life-saving technology to aid with performing operations and running tests as well as simple computer programs to check patients in and collect payment and medical history information.

    When networks are overloaded or systems are otherwise disrupted, all of these technologies can come crashing to a halt, creating enormous problems for your daily operations. ‍

IT Services We Offer Medical Practices in Alabama

Healthcare Businesses with our managed network services, you get access to a full, expert IT team providing you with the highest quality of service.

  • Round-the-Clock Support: We offer our clients true 24/7/365 monitoring and support through our help desk. There is always a real, live person waiting for your call and ready to help. ‍

  • Cloud Hosting: When you switch to the Cloud, accessing your patients’ information becomes faster and easier than ever. Our Cloud services are secure and customizable for your needs. ‍
  • Network Protection: With intrusion detection, malware prevention, application control, and a variety of other safeguards, we thoroughly, and continuously monitor your network to protect it from threats. ‍
  • Business Strategizing: We know how to help your technology help you. If you’ve ever felt frustrated by slow, insufficient, or ill-functioning technology, we can help you find solutions that move your medical office forward instead of holding it back.


Never Worry Again About Your Medical Office’s Technology

The professional experienced managed IT services you get from Fresh Managed IT can give you consistent peace of mind about your medical office’s technology. We evolve with the times and always stay ahead of threats, allowing you to focus on growing your operations, increasing productivity in the office, and allowing your healthcare professionals in Alabama to operate securely and efficiently. ‍

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