IT Services for Dental Offices in Alabama

At Fresh Managed IT, we know that efficient IT support can make or break a business, and Alabama dental offices need IT care that goes above and beyond the norm.

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You continuously work with technology, from working with specialized software to collecting patient information to managing schedules for dentists, hygienists, and patients, and you need expert IT support to keep your business functioning at its best. ‍

Fresh Managed IT can give your Alabama dental office the dedicated IT support that will enable your business to reach greater standards of productivity and efficiency.


How Managed IT Services Can Help Your Dental Office in Alabama

We’re experienced in working with medical and dental professionals, and we understand the problems you face. Here are a few of the ways we can help you:

  • Consistent, Reliable Network Service: ‍ ‍

    Network interruptions or sluggish programs can deeply affect both your productivity and your patients’ experience. And by the time something in your system breaks, it’s often too late to prevent significant slowdowns in your processes. Dental offices need IT that functions smoothly in the background without causing disruptions. We can provide that consistent, reliable service. ‍

  • HIPAA Compliance: ‍

    Dental offices handle sensitive information on a daily basis, and this personal information is protected by federal HIPAA regulations. Your business must meet with certain standards when handling and disposing of protected information. Failure to comply with HIPAA could result in data breaches, fines, and loss of patient trust. Fresh Managed IT can keep your network security strong and ensure that all processes are HIPAA compliant. ‍

  • Specialized Software Support: ‍Your dental office relies on a variety of specialized software to perform procedures, take x-rays, schedule appointments, record patient information, accept payments, and more. A hiccup in any one of these processes could bring parts of your operation grinding to a halt, causing frustration for both your staff and patients. We can keep your software updated and protected, as well as help you choose and maintain the most reliable technologies for your office. ‍


IT Services We Offer Dental Offices

So what does Fresh Managed IT has to offer your Alabama dental office?

  • Managed Network Services: We manage your hardware, software, and data needs, giving you a full-time IT department for a fixed monthly fee. ‍
  • True 24/7 Support: We offer true 24/7 support, with someone always manning our help desk to aid you with emergencies and day-to-day IT hangups. ‍
  • Proactive Security: We safeguard your network with malware prevention, application control, and consistent monitoring to protect it from threats.
  • Flexible Cloud Services: Using Cloud-hosted services can increase your office’s scalability, security, and flexibility. We can help you transition your data to our secure Cloud servers and set up Cloud-based VoIP communications for the best solutions at the best price. ‍


Why Choose Fresh Managed IT?

You can’t supersede the quality of a specialized service. And at Fresh Managed IT, we’re industry experts—managed IT services are what we love, know, and do. ‍

We take care of all your IT needs so that you can focus on giving your patients the best care possible. We offer solutions that are inherently scalable, so we remain with you every step of the way as you grow. And we truly care about you and your business’s success. ‍

Contact us today to meet with one of our expert technicians and learn how we can help your office.



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"My IT provider is slow and unresponsive"

"I honestly don’t know what my IT provider is doing for me"

"Our network is constantly going down"

"We’ve outgrown our current IT provider"

"We always seem to have IT problems"

"We don’t have a cybersecurity plan"

"My IT guy is leaving"

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