This Is Why Your Network Is So Slow

Top view of frustrated businessman working on computer at desk with paperwork in home office.

Slow internet can be so annoying, especially when you are working from home. Sometimes, you may detect these problems by yourself and fix them, or you may need help from IT services near you to get it done.

Many factors can make your internet slow. Here we’ve compiled a list of possible causes for your slow speeds. 

Computer Viruses

A computer virus can cause permanent damage to your device and its network speeds. When a computer is infected with a virus, it installs a foreign code in the computer. This code then spreads by sending copies of itself via email. 

Some viruses rapidly multiply themselves by sending out hundreds of email messages per minute. They leave the computer with weak computing power and a poor Internet connection. It is difficult to tell when viruses are active. So, it’s good to leave your antivirus software running at all times.

Browser Add-Ons

Browser add-ons can be another cause for slow internet. Browser add-ons are programs displayed on your browser’s toolbar, such as multimedia add-ons, search bars, or other programs. Many browser add-ons can enhance your surfing experience by allowing you to view multimedia or specialized documents.

However, add-ons can make your internet connection slow down. If you think add-ons are slowing down your browser, try opening it in add-ons disabled mode. You can only disable add-ons for the session. 

If your performance improves, you can consider turning them off permanently using the add-on manager. To activate the add-on manager on your web browser, click the tools icon and then manage add-ons.

Slow VPNs

A virtual private network (VPN) is software that encrypts data transmissions between your device and servers while also masking your IP address. You have the option of paying for a VPN or using the free service. 

The paid options are generally faster. However, since you are using a relay for traffic, they can still slow down your internet. It can also be slow if you use it during peak hours when there is congestion.

To fix this problem, try different location options that your VPN offers. Not all VPNs are equal, and the speeds available might vary significantly. Be careful when using free VPNs since you might have to sacrifice your data, security, or speed.


If you’re experiencing slow internet speeds, someone else may be using your internet account. Most routers come with a default password, and it is advisable to change it. Ensure the password is a combination of complex characters by mixing numbers and letters. 

If you change it to something weak or leave the hotspot open, others can access your network without your permission. This increases traffic in your home network, which ultimately leads to slower internet speeds. 

Crowded Channels

Wi-Fi channels facilitate sending and receiving of data over the internet. If you have too many connections, the transmission will slow down. However, you may switch to less congested channels depending on the type of router you are using.

To analyze your Wi-Fi channels, you can use Android or iOS apps. These apps will help you identify the devices connected to your network.

Lack Of Enough Horsepower

Determining the amount of speed you need in a business is essential. This depends on how many people are using the internet and what they are using it for. They may be using it to stream music or browsing, and they all require different amounts of speed.


Dealing with slow internet speeds can be so frustrating since it limits your productivity and efficiency. 

However, first you need to determine what is making the internet slow down so you can know how to solve it. You can also seek professional help for your business from an IT Company.