One Way Your Legal Team Can Boost Productivity

Team of IT specialists strategizing a cybersecurity plan

Three-quarters of all attorneys in the United States spend 20 hours or more on administrative and other non-client-facing billable tasks per week.

In law firms without a reliable IT partner, some of this work inevitably involves IT jobs such as maintaining software, servers, and networks. Imagine if legal teams like yours could free up this time and concentrate on more important assignments.

Managed IT services make this possible.

Investing in a managed service provider (MSP) helps your Alabama legal firm increase office productivity. It’s that simple. An experienced MSP manages and maintains your IT systems so you can boost efficiency and performance.

How Managed IT Services Improve Productivity for Legal Teams

Ongoing IT Maintenance

An MSP maintains IT systems, servers, and networks in your law firm so attorneys, paralegals, and other team members can concentrate on doing what they do best: fighting for justice.

A qualified MSP in Alabama provides malware protection, content filtering, intrusion detection, and other IT-related services so you can enhance productivity in the workplace at all times.

You benefit from round-the-clock support from reliable IT specialists who reduce IT downtime and increase technology capabilities.

Technological slowdowns are not just an annoyance, but can cost your business in time and money lost. Let someone do the hard work for you to ensure IT systems that run smoothly.

Improved Security

An MSP enhances digital security so your team members can use systems and software without worrying about cyber crime and data theft.

By installing regular software updates, maintaining hardware and IT infrastructure, and protecting critical applications, an MSP provides you and your talented team with peace of mind. 

Enhanced Compliance

Your law firm may be required to comply with data protection legislation like GDPR, HIPAA, and CCPA, depending on the type of client information you handle.

An MSP helps you adhere to these legal frameworks and protect client data. The result? You avoid expensive penalties for non-compliance and increase your clients’ trust in you.

New Tech That Benefits Your Entire Team

A good MSP for legal teams in Alabama improves productivity by incorporating the latest technology into an organization. This technology might include VoIP, data centers, hosted servers, private cloud servers, remote communication platforms, and the latest software and applications.

When you work with an IT service provider that’s experienced in working with legal firms, they can help you determine which IT solutions best fit your needs and will boost your business’s productivity both now and in the future.

Cost Savings

An MSP identifies cost-saving measures in your organization by streamlining technology and scaling resources as your business grows. 

Why Should Your Legal Team Choose Fresh Managed IT?

Fresh Managed IT is a managed services provider in Alabama that caters to busy legal firms looking to improve workplace productivity.

With a broad range of services that increase security, compliance, and efficiency, you can spend less time on IT and more time growing your business. Here’s why you should choose Fresh Managed IT:

  • Personalized IT planning based on your budget and specific requirements. Only pay for the managed services you require. 
  • 24/7 support from a qualified professional whenever you need it.
  • Excellent customer service.

Final Word

Fresh Managed IT’s team of veteran programmers, technologists, and telecommunication specialists provide ongoing IT managed services so you can increase productivity in your law firm.