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Our Managed Network Service provides a Full Time IT Department for a fixed monthly fee


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Centralized Monitoring

all equipment. all devices.
Networking expertise in one simplified place. Fresh Managed IT provides centralized network management for your hardware, software, and data needs. We take the worry about your IT system off of you so you can focus on what’s important, running your company efficiently.

Every business relies on their network technology to support their internal process. With growth comes the need for more robust and complex systems. Fresh’s managed network service dedicates itself to providing clients with the advanced systems they need while being more affordable than the competition. As with all of our services, flexibility and continuity are standard. Your personalized plan always allows for scaling up or down at any time, hassle-free.

Why Fresh Managed IT’s Managed Network Services

We do more than offer a turnkey one-time service. Our managed network service maximizes your IT capabilities to deliver the results you need as your business grows. A professionally managed network streamlines the complexities of your IT infrastructure, enabling your systems to run faster, more efficiently and at a better cost, at any scale. With Fresh Managed IT, you’ll have an entire IT department at your service for a fraction of the price.

Save Time and Gain Insights With a Managed Network

FreshLink monitors and manages your network to optimize our services to you.

24/7 monitoring and support

We take a proactive management approach which helps us to prevent IT problems from disrupting your daily operations.

Circuit procurement/provisioning

We take the confusion out of your telecommunications, handling the entire operations process from start to finish.

Failover internet options

Never let a bad internet connection disrupt your business operations again. Enjoy 100% uptime with us.

Cloud management

Fast, scalable hosting that grows with your business.

Application firewall

Protect your data and digital assets from vulnerabilities and cyberattacks.

Intrusion detection

Our software monitors for suspicious activity 24/7.

Malware prevention

You’ll never have to worry about becoming victim to malicious software.

Application control

Our security practices block unauthorized applications that put your data at risk.

Content filtering

One of the most important parts of our network management. This improves the network of your IT infrastructure, allowing your business operations to maintain peak performance.

WAN optimization

Easily manage and exclude websites or emails you don’t want to be accessed on your network.

Technology That Works For You

Fresh Managed IT will help you take command and control of your IT infrastructure. With our managed network service, we eliminate the stress and operational cost of trying to build or train an in-house tech team with limited capabilities. Our team prides itself on its success rate of protecting and optimizing our clients’ entire networking systems.

With access to our industry experts, best in class IT services, and cutting-edge technology, we ensure efficient solutions allowing you to focus more resources on your core business goals. Call us today to learn more about our convenient fixed monthly fees. Optimize your network and get ahead of the competition with our fully managed network service.
"My IT provider is slow and unresponsive"
"I honestly don’t know what my IT provider is doing for me"
"Our network is constantly  going down"
"We’ve outgrown our current IT provider"
"We always seem to have IT problems"
"We don’t have a cybersecurity plan"
"My IT guy is leaving"
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